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28th May – 14th  June  2016

I am thrilled to advertise this lovely tour again which will ensure you get to enjoy a taste of the history, culture and cuisine of Turkey. I continue to have a long time love of the Turkish cuisine and I am delighted to bring this tour to fruition. Travelling in a small group with experienced tour guides Alison and Hasan – they are expert in local knowledge and customs. Alison and I have been in contact for a number of years and recently after a planning day in Auckland we made the decision to take a tour to Turkey for May 2013. She has been involved in tours throughout Turkey for a number of years and I feel very privileged to have Alison and Hasan as my tour guides in turkey.

This tour gives you a taste of the history, culture and cuisine of Turkey. Turkey is a land at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Across the centuries, this land was populated by great empires including the Greeks, Persians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans. The vast Ottoman Empire covered three continents for almost 600 years and controlled the spice road. Our tour will introduce you to the history – back to the days of Byzantium – with visits to key historical sites from Greek, Roman and early Christian heritage (such as Ephesus, Troy and Aya Sofia) as well as the palaces and mosques built during the Ottoman period (such as Topkapi, the Dolmabahce Palace and the Blue Mosque). We will also visit areas of natural beauty on the coast and the magical area of Cappadocia with its Fairy Chimneys, early Christian churches and underground cities right in the centre of Turkey. And of course you will be given the opportunity to taste and learn about Turkish cuisine, by visiting restaurants, cafes and private Turkish homes. We will taste all the most celebrated dishes from Turkish cuisine and you will learn how to cook some signature Turkish dishes which can easily be prepared by you at home in New Zealand.

Our tour gives you a balance of organised activities such as visits to main historical sites with qualified guides and free time to explore at your own pace.

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  Italy and France 

25th August – 12th September September 2016

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Join us and follow Napoleon’s historical journeys from Venice and the plains of northern Italy, across the Alps and down to Switzerlandand on to the heart of France.We start in the famous and extraordinary city of Venice and from there travel onto northern Italyand the lush and beautiful Italian lakes. We follow in the footsteps of famous poets, writers and artists and soak up the exquisite Piedmont and Lombardy food and wine – cruising on Lakes Como and Maggiore and taking in Milan and Verona. From there we cross the Simplon Pass – like travellers for centuries, and descend down intoSwitzerland to explore the pre-alpine Geneva region, as well as some of the highest mountains in Europe. The local mountain food and scenery are unique and spectacular. We enjoy rural Burgundy with its famous food and wines and beautiful villages. Napoleon is known to have appreciated all these areas. You will understand his Corsican love of French and Italian gastronomy and culture, as well as his influence on these regions, which is still apparent today.

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