Autumn – Maniototo / Ophir

Dunedin Backyard Day Tour

Maniototo and Ophir

Date: Friday 19th April | $250 

This tour has been timed to enjoy what ‘Dunedin’s’ backyard can offer in one day during the season of Autumn
Departure – Meet outside Pier 24 for an 8.30am departure.  Arrive early and have a coffee if you wish.
In a bus suitable for our small group we will travel directly to the Garden of National Significance Clachanburn owned and cared for by the amazing plants woman Jane Falconer. With a coffee and a muffin in your hand you can walk around the garden with her – planted for its produce and extensive plants both edible and decorative. The garden is set amongst mature trees with lawns rolling towards two impressive ponds …. This is a harsh climate and Jane has created an inspirational hideaway within a quiet paradise.

Autumn is the time to gather and harvest and ….. Also to experience the exquisite Autumn colours that we have in Central Otago just two hours from Dunedin.  This backyard tour will take us through to the Maniototo to the little hamlet of Ophir where it can have the hottest temperatures in summer and the coldest in winter. The architecture is typical of central Otago and it’s fortunate to have so many buildings restored, renovated and looked after.

We are going to have lunch at Pitches Store – The historic store –  with a remarkable past it now has a new life and is full of visitors and locals 7 days a week. It’s the innovative creation of Colleen and David Hurd.

Food of the region will be accompanied by local wines and we can’t help but enjoy our long lunch in beautiful surroundings and make it into a memorable occasion.
Saffron thrives here along with walnuts, pumpkins, and quince and fruit trees. How lucky are we to have one the best and the most stunning colourful Autumn landscapes in NewZealand.
After lunch we have a unique and special visit to a local saffron grower who is picking at this time and will keep some rows unpicked for you to look at.

Directly back to Dunedin– We aim to be back in by 6pm

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