Team Event Familiarisation with Tourism Dunedin– 27.02.12

Team Event Familiarisation with Tourism Dunedin– 27.02.12

Team Event Familiarisation with Tourism Dunedin– 27.02.12

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So what is a Team Event and how do you get the new team at Tourism Dunedin to come along for a famil?

This was a great chance for me to show the people in the business how you can enjoy 2 hours of fun after work, and they proved to be eager participants.

Starting with a glass of bubbly and a walk around my garden – we moved into the kitchen for a couple of short demonstrations.

Then each person had to fold into triangles six small fillo pastry parcels and decorate a gingerbread person, by designing a new colourful bikini using paper folded icing bags and mixing their own icing colours.

I would hardly say that it was competitive. Which was lucky for those who had less than competent skills using an icing bag and infact may have been colour blind!

The most important thing is that it was very fun, and I think everyone learned something. I feel confident the team could now produce hundreds of fillo triangles for a finger food platter!!!

Another glass of bubbly and hot spinach fillo’s just out of the oven went down very well. The winning bathing beauty went home in a cellophane bag while others preferred to consume their decorated gingerbread.


“The team at Tourism Dunedin spent a most enjoyable time with Judith experiencing her at home cooking class, where we decorated gingerbread ladies and speed-rolled filo parcels, with varying degrees of success! There is growing opportunity for Judith to promote her bespoke cooking classes and tours to emerging tourism markets, with business events tourism standing out as a potential market.  We are very much  looking forward to working with Judith in promoting Dunedin.”  – Tourism Dunedin

If you think you and your work colleagues would enjoy from one of my team events click here to see the different options.


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