Cooking Classes

After 20 years I no longer plan and demonstrate seasonal classes in my home at St Clair.

However, If anyone would like a private group booking I am happy to work in with you.

These classes may include:

Judith at Home

Team Cuisine

Demonstration Class for Clients

Demonstration and Cook Off

Recipe Creation and Food Styling

Build Your Own Evening

Click on any of the class titles above to find out more.

Judith At Home

Cost: NZ$75.00 per person

Time: 7.30 pm – 10.15 pm

Numbers: 15-22 students per class

Location: 18 Cliffs Road, St Clair, Dunedin

Bookings: Visit our booking page . Telephone 03 4558381.

This fun event involves groups in a team exercise in which they are given a secret box of ingredients. With my help they create three courses in a specified time, and serve it to another group! This can be a Team Building exercise working with a trained observer or simply a fun creative social event. It looks at the dynamics within the team and we assess how the interactions occur. These are related to possible existing work or business dynamics or they sometimes reveal that individuals can offer more than previously expected. (These team events can be organised in different ways).

Demonstration Class for Clients

These classes can cater for clients in many ways. Socially they work very well. The classes are a demonstration with tastings, recipes and notes.

The times for these classes are flexible. i.e. morning, lunchtime, early evening.

Menus can be tailored accordingly and include produce and ingredients from Otago often with wines or coffee. e.g. – if the class was in the early evening it could be based around finger food and wine tasting.

I have an interesting ‘potager’ or kitchen garden. During Rhododendron week in 2006 I participated in a garden tour focusing on our garden close to the sea, commenting on those planting choices that needed to be considered for what can a challenging environment.

We followed up with a cooking demonstration and lunch – a perfect function to entertain women clients.

Demonstration and Cook Off

These classes work in a kitchen environment. I do a demonstration of 3-4 recipes. Clients are then put into groups and do exactly the same thing themselves. The session finishes with everyone sitting around a table eating the dishes they prepared for their group discussing how they performed.

Recipe Creation and Food Styling

Throughout the year I work with New Zealand Food Companies developing recipes for their particular food products. Recipes can be styled for photography suitable for advertising, marketing and packaging. I have worked for many years with Mainland Products.

All my food related activities can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of your own group or left to me to arrange. They can be part of another programme related to your business or can be designed to only take up a couple of hours.

Build Your Own Evening

Suitable for groups of friends, as a social occasion for work or sports groups. Service organisations, Probus etc.

Classes can be organised at any time – mornings to include tastings for lunch – afternoons to include fingerfood menu – evenings as organsised.

Classes: minimum 15

You may choose a specific menu or the current monthly menu.

For costings, numbers and venues – contact judith

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